If you have gone through our previous articles you already should know that 100% test automation is not possibleSo let’s see how to decide what need to be automated in a software project?

Things that can be test using automation in a software project

Here we mainly focused on scenarios with high ROI(Return of investment) , scenarios  that are use multiple data values for same action.  Because our main aim to achieve re-usability ,reduce  execution time and increase code coverage via test automation.

  • Unit Testing

We tests individual parts of software source code.

  • Integration Testing

Individual source codes are tests as a group.

  • Regression Testing

After a developer fixed a bug we do a regression testing to make sure that bug fixing hasn’t affect the other parts of our software. Regression testing is always a good scenario for use automation.

  • Smoke Testing

Also known as build verification testing. It is a non exhaustive test. Which ensures most import functions of a software working correctly.

  • Repetitive tasks

If u have any repetitive tasks it is good to automate. it reduces time and effort.

  • Test data creation

You can automate test data creation.

  • REST API Testing(Representational state transfer Application Programming  Interface)

Things that can’t test using test automation

Generally, we pick high priority test scenarios for test automation. Even though it is a high priority scenario sometimes it can not be automate due to two reasons.  There are some test scenarios which do not have  technical feasibility to automate. And also there some test scenarios which take lot of time and effort to automate  than manual testing.

  • Usability tests

    This test gives direct feedback on how real users use the system. So testers tend to conduct usability tests manually.

  • GUI tests (Graphical User Interface)

    We can check whether components are available in UI (User Interface) according to the design specification using test automation. But size of elements and alignments  cannot check. Manual testing tests from a human perspective . So human can pick up visual issues easily than automation scripts.

  • Security tests

    Generally, security tests for software projects are conduct manually .

Hope you found something valuable in this article. Feel yourself free to drop any questions or comments and keep in touch.