Most of us know the difference between manual testing and test automation. Also, we know that test automation getting popular day by day.  Because of this fast growing demand of test automation everybody wants to move manual to automation testing.

Why we need test automation?

Test automation will reduce manual effort, time and cost. Yes, that is true. So you will be happy if you can automate everything 100%. Most people believe that they can replace manual testing via automation. Can you? Nope, you can’t.

When it comes to software testing there are some functions that we need to test manually. Such as usability testing, GUI testing (Graphical User Interface) and security testing.

  • Usability tests

    This test gives direct feedback on how real users use the system. So the manual testing is the best way to conduct usability tests.

  • GUI tests

    We can check whether components are available in UI (User Interface) according to the design specification via automation. But the size of elements and alignments cannot check. Manual testing tests from a human perspective. So human can pick up visual issues easily than automation scripts.

  • Security tests

    Generally, we conduct manual testing for security tests.


In case of not having technical feasibility to test features via automation we can use manual testing. When it comes to software testing, we decide what to automate based on the priority level of test scenarios. Generally, we used to automate high priority test scenarios. But there can be some high priority scenarios which take much effort and time in automation rather than manual testing. Automation isn’t replacing manual testing 100%. So I hope you get the idea that every time 100% test automation is not possible. It’s always good to keep in touch with manual testing too.

Hope you found something valuable through this article. Please give your valuable comments and keep in touch.