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Major steps to include test automation in a software project.

Test automation is a popular word in¬†Software industry. No need to explain what is test automation. Let’s see what are the major steps to include automation in a software project.
There are no any international standards, guidelines or methods to include test automation in your software project. But it is always good to follow a method. Because you can make sure that you haven’t missed anything. Here are the major things that you need to consider and follow when going to include automation in your project.

Understanding the business requirements

Not only for automation, even in manual testing you must have a clear idea about business requirements before start the testing. At the end of your software project you need to release a quality product to the market. So jump into the software testing without having clearly understand will make a mess. You need to go through the software requirements specification carefully. And if you are doing manual testing you need to derive test cases from the software requirement specification. If you are doing test automation you just need to understand the requirements and identified the test scenarios.

Identifying scenarios that can use test automation

Earlier we discussed that test automation does not replace manual testing 100%. We need to identify test scenarios that can be automated. Generally, we consider high priority scenarios for automation.

Understand the project development technology

When doing software testing it is important to consider about software development technology. Some test automation tools are not compatible with every programming language.

Find a suitable automation tool

When you selecting a test automation tool you need to consider two things. Project development technology and the purpose of using automated testing. We will discuss it further in a separate article. One of most popular test automation tool is selenium.

Select a framework to write scripts

You can write scripts without a framework. There are many advantages of using a framework . It helps to keep our code clean and easy to maintain. And also easy to debug.

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